Victim of Wage Theft Because an Employer is Making You Work Without Proper Pay?

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Problem: Local managers can make their units seem more profitable – and often earn a higher bonus for themselves – if they keep payroll costs down. One way to do that is by good management. Another is wage theft: by making nonexempt employees work without pay. Is this happening to you? If so, contact our Washington DC wage and hour claims attorney.

How Employers Violate Wage and Hour Laws

Companies may be at fault for wage theft by requiring you to perform some significant work – or just to wait around – before you clock in, or after you clock out. The law permits some – but not all – unpaid “preliminary” and “postliminary” work, so the facts of each situation are very important. The legal wage and hour standards vary in different parts of the country, so location is also very important. In general, the more time spent, the more likely the employer has to pay for the time.

Wage theft can happen by giving you so much work to do that you routinely have to work through your unpaid meal breaks, but you are not paid for the time. Sometimes the company simply clocks everyone out for lunch and clocks them in again a half hour or hour later without taking into account whether the employees were working. State laws are often the only remedy.

Wage theft can happen by giving you so much work to do that you routinely have to work through your paid rest breaks. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not apply to this situation. Some state employment laws provide a remedy, and some do not.

Wage theft can also happen by managers going into time records and falsifying the reported time. This is a crime in many states, but newspapers have recently reported that it is frequent in some large retail chains.

Washington DC Wage and Hour Attorney on How to Report Wage Theft

Our employment law firm in DC will help employees get their proper wages. If you are not receiving proper compensation for the hours you worked, contact our Washington DC employment attorney for more information and a determination if you have an unpaid wages claim against your employer.