The American Bar Association’s Section of Labor and Employment Law

The American Bar Association’s Section of Labor and Employment Law has 22,000 members, including union attorneys, plaintiffs’ attorneys, employers’ attorneys, and law students. Unique among ABA entities, it operates under a rule of consensus so that there has to be broad agreement among attorneys of different practice orientations before the Section can take action. The Section has 21 standing Committees corresponding to practice areas, in addition to administrative committees such as the Continuing Legal Education Committee.

More information can be found through the Section’s web page, ABA members can join the Section through this page.

If you are an attorney practicing in the area of labor and employment law, you should be a member of the Section and its committees corresponding to your practice area. The Section, and the professional and personal friendships it fosters, are an excellent means to find out how the “other side” thinks, helping members reach “win-win” solutions to disputes and helping them reach better results in litigation.

Committee papers present balanced, high-quality presentations on most of the hot topics in the field of labor and employment law. Discounts on high-quality treatises more than pay for membership in the ABA and the Section.

If you are an attorney but are not an ABA member, or if you work in the field of labor and employment law but are not an attorney, you can join the ABA and the Section at