American Association for Justice’s Litigation Groups

There are seventy AAJ Litigation Groups. Litigation Groups are among the most important functions of AAJ . They range from Abusive Tax Shelters to Zyprexa.

The following information is taken from the AAJ web site:

Litigation Groups are voluntary networks of AAJ members who share their accumulated information and experience regarding a specific type of case. Often, a litigation group will focus on a particular product, such as: breast implants, nail guns, cardiac devices, penile implants, or tobacco products. Other litigation groups are broader in scope, focusing on a category of claims, such as: construction site accidents, inadequate security, domestic violence, workplace injury, bad faith insurance, or nursing homes.

Litigation groups are a critical tool for the plaintiff’s trial bar. They level the playing field for advocates of injured victims who must battle the overwhelming resources of corporate counsel. For many years now, litigation groups have been a major feature of AAJ and a focus of increasing participation on the part of many members. Their activities now comprise more than a third of AAJ’s annual convention activities.

Groups number nearly 70, and new groups are being organized constantly. Despite all the activity and growth, litigation groups can help many more Association members who are currently not taking advantage of their services.

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Message to Plaintiffs’ Attorneys: If you are not a member of AAJ and its Sections, you need to join now. Your clients will be grateful.

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