Richard T. Seymour Biography

DC employment law attorney handling class actions and employee disputes in Washington DCHelping people get justice seems to me a pretty worthwhile line of work.  While my practice has mainly involved representing employees, that includes telling them that their employer did not commit any legal wrong, and it was entitled to do what it did.  i have sometimes advised or represented employers, as well as persons unjustly accused of harassment.  I often help law firms with problems in their cases.

I focus on civil rights, employment rights, and other civil litigation. If you’re interested in these topics, this web site is for you.

There were no lawyers in my family. I decided to go to law school because I was inspired by the freedom riders and lunch-counter demonstrators of the early 1960s, who were beaten and jailed just for sitting on the wrong side of the racially segregated color line. It reminded me of my mother’s telling me the difficulties she had getting a job because she was a woman. And it reminded me of my grandmother’s tales of looking for work as a young woman and seeing employer after employer with signs in their windows, saying “No Irish need apply.”

In all this process, I fell in love with the law, and with the ideas it represents: a peaceful way to resolve disputes in an orderly fashion, without violence or massive unrest, and with protections for both the powerless and the powerful.  We cannot have a civil society without enforceable rights, and enforceable limits on those rights.

I graduated from Harvard Law School in 1968, and have worked in civil rights and employee rights ever since. In the 47 years since leaving the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in 1969, I have spent more than 80% of my time representing plaintiffs in class actions.

I have divided my biography into several sections, so that you can easily get the kind of information in which you’re interested, and easily ignore what does not interest you. I have also included information on the organizations to which I devote time, so that you can get as full as possible a picture of me.