What to Do Next

If you would like my professional advice on your course of action, information about your options, or legal representation in a matter, you need to fill out the conflict-checking form in the left column. I cannot take cases that are against my current clients, or against parties that are appearing before me in a mediation or arbitration. If there is no conflict, I will request more information from you. The information I ask you, and the information you send back that answers my questions, is legally confidential.

Using this web site or sending me information does NOT mean that I will represent you. I only accept new clients after considering their information, making a decision whether I am willing to represent the person in question, and reaching a satisfactory agreement on fees and expenses.

Not Sure if You Want Representation, and Just Want to Discuss Your Legal Rights?  We do individual consultations for a flat fee for a specific amount of time at our hourly rate, with no commitment by you or by us to go further, and no retainer fee.  Fill out the form for conflict checks in the left column, to get our process started.