Getting a Case Review

Information About My Situation:

If you would like my professional advice on your course of action, information about your options, or legal representation in a matter, you need to fill out the conflict-checking form in the left column. I cannot take cases that are against my current clients, or against parties that are appearing before me in a mediation or arbitration. If there is no conflict, I will request more information from you. The information I ask you, and the information you send back that answers my questions, is legally confidential.

Using this web site or sending me information does NOT mean that I will represent you. I only accept new clients after considering their information, making a decision whether I am willing to represent the person in question, and reaching a satisfactory agreement on fees and expenses. I charge $485 an hour to represent individuals or to mediate individual cases, and $550 an hour for handling or mediating class actions. My paralegal rates are $100 or $125 an hour. I charge a nonrefundable retainer fee of $2,500 but credit time and expenses against it until exhausted, and then bill monthly.