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What is the Proper Role for Dispositive Motions in Arbitration?

To achieve speedy resolutions, and to resolve matters as cost-effectively as possible, arbitrators should be careful in allowing the filing of dispositive motions. They make sense for gateway issues, but not for issues going to the substance of the merits. Allowing such motions generally would lengthen the time required to resolve cases, and multiply discovery to the magnitude needed in Federal courts. When trials are held on affidavits, the parties need a lot of depositions because that may be their only opportunity to examine the other sides’ witnesses. Ruling out trials by affidavits in the bulk of cases allows the promise of arbitration–faster, cheaper and fair resolutions–to be realized. Parties need to know at the outset what will and will not be allowed, so they that can cut their discovery needs. Continue reading

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Richard Seymour Spoke On Evidence In Employment Cases As Part Of An Ali-aba Conference

Richard Seymour spoke on December 5, 2008, on Evidence in employment cases, at an ALI-ABA conference in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the American Law Institute and American Bar Association.

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American Arbitration Association Adds Richard Seymour to its Commercial and Employment Rosters of Arbitrators

On September 10, 2007, the American Arbitration Association added Richard Seymour to its roster of Commercial Arbitrators and its roster of Employment Panel arbitrators. As a result, he is now available to arbitrate cases under the AAA Commercial Rules and under its Employment Rules. Here are some of the obvious questions and his perhaps less obvious answers: Question: Why? Answer: I’ve been representing plaintiffs in individual cases and class actions, and have sometimes been aligned with employers defending affirmative action, for almost 38 years since I left the government. In that time, I’ve had some class cases that took more than 20 to 25 years to resolve. I’ve had some individual cases that took three or more years to resolve. I read a lot of appellate cases for the book I do for the American Bar Association, and have seen individual cases take ten or more years to resolve through…
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