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Is age discrimination still an issue for workers over the age of 50 in DC? Read blog posts involving Washington DC age discrimination to learn more.

New Supervisors: Common-Sense Pointers for Employers and Employees

By Richard T. Seymour Copyright © 2010, Richard T. Seymour Better Ways of Managing Employment Disputes: Training New Supervisors Most employment disputes involving claims of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, never make it to court. Employees choose not to pursue some disputes that far, or both sides reach a resolution before the EEOC or a State or local agency. Of the cases that do make it all the way into court, however, an astonishing number involve the actions of new supervisors. My personal perception is that employers, employees, and especially the new supervisors frequently mishandle the kinds of problems that predictably arise when a new supervisor is assigned. The result is a discrimination or retaliation complaint or lawsuit that could have been avoided. Why Are New Supervisors Assigned? There are three principal situations when a new supervisor is assigned, and the problems differ based on the situation. First, a new…
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