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In order for both sides of a legal conflict to get a fair chance when presenting evidence, they must first go through the discovery process. Here’s what you need to know.

Tour du Gab: Three State Bars, and Four Presentations to Them, in Six Weeks

I do a fair amount of speaking, but the current six-week stretch is unusual. Annual Updates of Employment Law On October 27, Jeff Wohl from Paul Hastings in San Francisco and I did our usual annual two-hour update on employment law for the Arizona State Bar in Sedona.  It’s always fun working with Jeff.  Some might think we agree on too much —that’s the nature of employment law — but there is still good room for healthy disagreement.  One of the reasons I appreciate the Arizona State Bar inviting me back again and again is that I like the people, and I love the State and the desert.  I spent part of my childhood growing up in Arizona and I always love to get back. The annual update in Arizona is usually my last of the year.  It normally starts in April in Philadelphia for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, where…
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How Arbitrators Maintain Proportionality In Discovery

2017-10-20 How Arbitrators Maintain Proportionality In Discovery by Richard T. Seymour – Law360 The topics addressed are: The Federal Courts Are Following in the Footsteps of Arbitrators, Part 1 The Federal Courts Are Following in the Footsteps of Arbitrators, Part 2 Responding to Parties Who Blow off Discovery Requests: Suggestions for Best Practices in Court and in Arbitration Federal Courts Should Follow the Further Lead of Arbitrators as to Summary Judgments

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