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Can workers file lawsuits for employment matters, such as wage or overtime claims? Washington DC employment lawyer explains who can file a lawsuit and why.

One Defendant Compels Arbitration, Others “Wait and See”

When a plaintiff sues a company or agency and its officials, and only the company or agency compels arbitration, does the arbitration-losing plaintiff get a “second bite at the apple” in the lawsuit, against the officials? Or do the officials get a low-risk chance to get out of the lawsuit without ever getting to the merits? And what happens if plaintiff wins the arbitration? Read the blog post for the answers. Continue reading

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Ah, Winning Argument! How Did I Lose Thee? The Many Ways to Waive Claims or Defenses.

There are often winning arguments in lawsuits, but sometimes a claim or defense is still lost because the attorney did not think of the argument in time. Courts often find that an argument was made too late, and so a claim or defense was waived and the case is lost. Continue reading

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