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What is workplace retaliation? Is workplace retaliation from an employer illegal in Washington DC? Learn about this and more on our attorney blog.

6 Legal Issues That Enable Serial Harassers

Published by Law360 on November 16, 2017; posted with permission under license. Richard Seymour The questions raised in the public mind by the allegations against Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein and other powerful accused sexual and racial harassers are important: If the allegations are true, how did they manage to get away with it for so long? Why didn’t the victims complain earlier? Where were human resources and company compliance officers? Parts of the answers to these questions are clear, and the evidence of the enablers is not pretty. There is a common theme in many of the accounts given by harassment victims: fear. Fear of retaliation, fear of having a career destroyed, fear of being unemployable if the victim has a public record of having filed a harassment lawsuit, the fear of public humiliation as the most intimate and painful details of their lives are laid…
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Common-Sense Suggestions to the EEOC

The EEOC has extremely important tasks in receiving and handling charges of employment discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, but is following self-defeating procedures and failing to solve longstanding problems. Some common-sense changes would work far better for the Commission, the charging parties, and employers, and would make the Commission’s limited resources more productive. Here are my ideas. Continue reading

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New Supervisors: Common-Sense Pointers for Employers and Employees

By Richard T. Seymour Copyright © 2010, Richard T. Seymour Better Ways of Managing Employment Disputes: Training New Supervisors Most employment disputes involving claims of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, never make it to court. Employees choose not to pursue some disputes that far, or both sides reach a resolution before the EEOC or a State or local agency. Of the cases that do make it all the way into court, however, an astonishing number involve the actions of new supervisors. My personal perception is that employers, employees, and especially the new supervisors frequently mishandle the kinds of problems that predictably arise when a new supervisor is assigned. The result is a discrimination or retaliation complaint or lawsuit that could have been avoided. Why Are New Supervisors Assigned? There are three principal situations when a new supervisor is assigned, and the problems differ based on the situation. First, a new…
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