Is Your Employer Cheating on Your Benefits?

Call Washington DC Employment Law Attorney Today to Fight for the ERISA Benefits You Deserve

Cheating on benefits can be covered by the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA). There are many technical requirements in ERISA, and some lawyers specialize in these claims. I consult regularly with ERISA attorneys, and will associate with an ERISA attorney if a case presents a good ERISA issue. ERISA rights can be quite valuable, and should never be ignored.

DC Employee Benefits Lawyer Explains How Your Retirement or Insurance Benefits Can Be Violated

One form of cheating on benefits involves the failure to make required contributions to a retirement or other benefit plan. An employer that is supposed to contribute a certain percentage of payroll to an ERISA plan violates ERISA as well as the wage and hour laws as if it cheats on employee compensation.

Another form of cheating on benefits involves the failure to pay required benefits. Before calling a DC employment law attorney, save the attorney’s time and yours by gathering as many of the plan documents as possible. Check to make sure whether the original documents contain a “reservation of rights” to change the plan, and be sure to mention that to any attorney you call.

What Can I Do if My Employer is Withholding Benefits?

Contact our DC employment law attorney right away to stand up for your rights to benefits. Make sure to beep all of your documents about retirement plans and benefit plans, including your letters with administrators, in a safe place. Remember, the more organized you are about documents and evidence, the easier it is for your attorney to give you efficient and accurate advice.