Firm History

This firm was founded in June 2005, to provide an opportunity to serve a wider range of clients, in a wider range of matters, than ever before. The new firm provides an opportunity to expand work as neutral mediators or arbitrators, to act as consultants to other law firms, and to provide expert legal evaluations of specific questions in complex class actions. Having spent decades shaping injunctive relief to get the job done while avoiding as much disruption as possible for the employer, and having spent decades talking with employers’ counsel about the matters most important to them and shaping relief that would as much as possible be win-win for both sides, the new firm provides an opportunity to use our understanding of the interests and needs of both sides in a broader range of matters.

We are familiar with complex litigation issues in general, not just those in the field of employment law.

We represent executives in negotiating their departures and severance agreements and, where necessary and appropriate, for wrongful termination, SOX and other whistleblower retaliation, and the complications of one kind or another that often arise with the end of employment. If contacted early enough, we can sometimes avoid a termination. A divorce from employment can become as difficult as a divorce from a marriage, but this seldom benefits either side. We try to make it more livable, for both sides.

We also continue to represent persons harmed by employment discrimination, retaliation, and hostile environments, whistleblowers, and workers with wage & hour and wage-payment claims. We represent them in individual actions, class actions, and collective actions.

Each new matter of a different type provides an opportunity for us to grow the firm and shape its evolution in new ways. Check in on us from time to time to see how it has gone.