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Richard Seymour Responds to Improper Attacks on the Nomination of Eric Dreiband to be Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, September 4, 2017

Seymour Letter on Dreiband Nomination 09-04-2017 (corrected for typo)

2017-09-28 Seymour Letter, with Corrections and Clarifications to September 4 Letter

Eric Dreiband is one of the nation’s finest defense attorneys and public servants.  A noted and important civil rights organization has engaged in unjustified attacks against him for daring to represent his clients and tell the truth about current problems in employment discrimination law.  As with judges who cannot defend themselves against unjustified personal criticism, those who are in a position to call “foul” and note that this particular Emperor stepped outside without clothes on this occasion must do so.  The politics of personal destruction must end, and the Board of the civil rights organization must step in to exercise proper governance and engage someone of the statute of former Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct an outside investigation of how the organization strayed so far from any proper role.  The improper comments should be withdrawn, and the organization should apologize to Mr. Dreiband, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and its members, for misleading them.

The September 28, 2017 update to my letter clarifies a few matters that I was told needed more context, and cures some additional typos in the September 4 letter.