Facing Disaster? Want to Win and Avoid Disaster? Help for Attorneys!

Injections of Strategy, Work-Arounds and Caltrops from a Strategist Who Has Seen Most All of It in 45 Years of Practice Can be a Good Investment

Straight Hourly Payments Up Front, So It Does Not Cut into Your Percentage!

Are you:

  • Pleading a case to resist a motion to dismiss?
  • Having problems with summary judgment?
  • Figuring out a deposition strategy to frustrate your opponent’s key arguments?
  • Hoping to overcome an adverse Magistrate Judge recommendation on summary judgment?
  • Planning a trial or appellate strategy?
  • Want to do a murder board? (Figuring out what could possibly go wrong?)
  • Strategizing or Briefing an appeal?
  • Preparing an oral argument?
  • Needing a reality check?
  • Wanting a judge for a mock trial or arbitration?

Please call if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Co-counsel arrangements
  • Consulting on particular questions, on a fee-paid basis
  • Investigations
  • Mediation or arbitration

There are no guarantees in life or in litigation, but I may be able to help with these. Call me to discuss the possibilities and the cost. Download my v-Card to add my information to your email contacts.